The Past in its Place

Buckfast Abbey Conference Centre, 17-18 April 2015



Day 1

10:00-11:00 Registration and Welcome


11:00-12:45 Session 1: Mappings

Keynote: Sally Bushell (Lancaster), ‘Mapping Literary Place and Space’

Gareth Dean (York), ‘GIS, Space, Place and Memory in the Medieval City’

Patricia Murrieta-Flores (Chester) and Naomi Howell (Exeter), ‘Digital approaches to investigate place, space and imagination in Medieval Romance’

Jo Pye (Exeter), ‘Mapping the Past: A GIS Approach to Landscapes and Memory’

Roger Thomas (English Heritage), ‘Historic England: Characterizing the Historic Landscape of England’


12:45-1:45 Lunch


1:45-3:30 Excursion to ruins of Holy Trinity Church, Buckfastleigh


3:45-5:30 Session 2: Markings and Claimings

Keynote: Lucy Donkin (Bristol), The Ground as Commemorative/ Didactic Surface

Philip Schwyzer (Exeter), ‘St Augustine’s Crosses: Crop Marks and the Presence of the Past in the Antiquarian Imagination’

Elly Robson (Cambridge), ‘Contested epistemologies of landscape in early seventeenth-century forest enclosure’

Rose Mitchell (National Archives), ‘Maps, memory and locality in 16th century litigation’

Ollie Douglas (Museum of English Rural Life), ‘Where things belong: Place-related discourse and collecting rural life’


6:00-7:30 Session 3: Framings (Chair Joanne Parker)

[pre-dinner drinks and snacks will be served with this session]

Keynote: Chris Chapman, Photographing Dartmoor

Jess Edwards (MMU), ‘The Wonders of the Peak: Contemporary Art Practice and the Literary Heritage of Landscape’

Kerry Featherstone (Loughborough), “A Great Dok for Shippes”: Writing History, Landscape and Memory

Hannah Sackett, ‘Sunday 21st October, 1638: The Past in Words and Pictures’


7:30 Dinner

Day 2


9:00-10:30 Session 4: Biographies of Place

Keynote: Roberta Gilchrist (Reading), ‘Monastic Legacies: Glastonbury Abbey and the Biography of Place’

Darrell Rohl (Canterbury Christ Church), ‘Restoring Grymisdyke: Memory, Meaning, and the Forgotten Biography of the Antonine Wall’

Caroline Dakers (Central St Martins), ‘Recovering Fonthill’

Howard Williams (Chester), ‘Remembering and Forgetting within Ad Gefrin’


10:45-12:30 Session 5: Communities (Chair Paul Bryant-Quinn)

Keynote: Steve Watson (York St John), ‘The Elusive Communities of Heritage’

Sarah Hamilton (Exeter), ‘Liturgy, memory and communities in medieval Exeter’

David Cooper (MMU), ‘Seldom Seen’: A Participatory Mapping of Morecambe Bay

Ceri Price (Bristol), ‘Living with the dead: the memorialisation of the Aberfan disaster’

David Harvey (Exeter) and Nicola Whyte (Exeter), ‘Archaeologies of (un)authorised heritage: personal and public memory at Ankerwycke Yew’


12:30-1:30: Lunch


1:30-3 Session 6: Inhabiting Environments of Memory

Keynote: Keith Lilley (Queens Belfast), ‘Mapping memory: navigating past, present and future in an English medieval city’

Toby Pillat, ‘The muck of others’: making heritage in Mosser, a Cumbrian township

David Llewelyn (South Wales) ‘Erasing the raison d’être:  Resculpting and reconciling landscape and memory in the south Wales valleys’

Jyrki Pöysä (Jyväskylä), ‘Forest landscapes in Russian Karelian “poetry” villages – a key to understanding the environmental change’


3:00-4:00 Roundtable and close

Roundtable participants: Anne-Lise Francois (UC Berkeley), Nick Groom (Exeter), Stephen Mileson (Oxford), tbc