Project Team

Principal Investigator

Philip Schwyzer is Professor of Renaissance Literature at the University of Exeter. For him, this project is the culmination of a long-standing interest in place and memory, which he has previously explored in locales such as the Vale of the White Horse and the Welsh borders. Within the project, his areas of special focus include the post-Reformation cathedral; the impact of iconoclasm; antiquarian perspectives on prehistoric and Roman remains; and the rise of landscape poetry.

Project Team

Prof. Howard Williams (Archaeology, Chester) provides expertise in medieval mortuary archaeology, the archaeology of commemoration, the history of antiquarianism, and contemporary community archaeology.

Dr. Nicola Whyte (History, Exeter) contributes expertise in early modern social history and post-medieval landscape history, focusing especially on memory, identity and popular perceptions and uses of the past in the landscape.

Dr. Joanne Parker (English, Exeter), with expertise in the cultural history of prehistoric sites, will explore Victorian and modern literary responses to a range of landscapes and ancient habitations.

Prof. Sarah Hamilton (History, Exeter) provides expertise in the history of medieval piety and lay religion, focusing especially on themes of memory in relation to liturgical texts and practices, and on the use of lay communities’ memories in disputes over parish status and boundaries.

Prof. David Harvey (Geography, Exeter) contributes expertise in historical and cultural geography and heritage studies. He is particularly interested in South West Britain and the ‘Celtic fringes’ of the British Isles.

Dr. Naomi Howell (Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Exeter) provides expertise in Middle English, medieval Latin, and Anglo-Norman texts, and in the literary, cultural and art-historical contexts of monuments and memorials.

Dr. Paul Bryant-Quinn (Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Exeter) contributes expertise in Welsh and Cornish literatures and culture.

Dr. Patricia Murrieta-Flores (Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Chester) contributes her expertise developing computational approaches, Web and GIS-based methods to analyse change over time in landscapes and past locales in relation to the project case studies in Strands 2 and 3.