Semper aliquid novi Cambriam adferre

Greetings, gentle readers.

It’s high time I started earning my keep and posting in earnest on this forum; so here goes.

David recently drew our attention to an article which references the work of Guto’r Glyn, a 15th Welsh poet. Another good study is:

Barry J. Lewis,‘Gwaith Natur a Edmygaf’: Afonydd, Llynnoedd a Ffynhonnau yn Llenyddiaeth Cymru yn yr Oesoedd Canol , Sir Thomas Parry-Williams Memorial Lecture 2007 (Aberystwyth, 2008).

[‘I admire the work of nature’: Rivers, Lakes and Wells in Medieval Welsh Literature’]

As you see, the lecture is in Welsh and a bit long to translate in its entirety; however, I will list the sites he discusses, and if they prove to be of interest to any of you, I am happy to translate those sections.

My work on the inscriptions at St Davids (inside the cathedral and those in the now-unused churchyard) is more or less finished. When Philip and I have had a chance to look over them, I will put them in various formats and make them available to you. After that, I will give you an annotated list of the Antiquarian references to St Davids, following which I should be in a position to provide an annotated bibliography to facilitate your researches.

I will update all of the above as I come across new material.