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Greetings, gentle readers.

It’s high time I started earning my keep and posting in earnest on this forum; so here goes.

David recently drew our attention to an article which references the work of Guto’r Glyn, a 15th Welsh poet. Another good study is:

Barry J. Lewis,‘Gwaith Natur a Edmygaf’: Afonydd, Llynnoedd a Ffynhonnau yn Llenyddiaeth Cymru yn yr Oesoedd Canol , Sir Thomas Parry-Williams Memorial Lecture 2007 (Aberystwyth, 2008).

[‘I admire the work of nature’: Rivers, Lakes and Wells in Medieval Welsh Literature’]

As you see, the lecture is in Welsh and a bit long to translate in its entirety; however, I will list the sites he discusses, and if they prove to be of interest to any of you, I am happy to translate those sections.

My work on the inscriptions at St Davids (inside the cathedral and those in the now-unused churchyard) is more or less finished. When Philip and I have had a chance to look over them, I will put them in various formats and make them available to you. After that, I will give you an annotated list of the Antiquarian references to St Davids, following which I should be in a position to provide an annotated bibliography to facilitate your researches.

I will update all of the above as I come across new material.


By way of introduction

A brief note to say Hello and to introduce myself to those I haven’t had a chance to meet yet.

I’m working my way into the project and its literature, and hope to start uploading the results of my research to the project website before long. In the meantime, if I can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me either here or via my Exeter e-mail address: