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A re-post from Archaeodeath.

I am currently working on a research article for Project Eliseg together with former-student and archaeologist Joseph Tong. Joe served as media supervisor in the 2011 field season and subsequently came back to record more video-blogs (vlogs) in 2012. Our article, written together with Suzanne Evans and other colleagues on Project Eliseg, aims to explore critically our use of vlogs within the 2011 and 2012 field seasons. Why did we do them? Were they effective? Were they fun? We are soon to submit our article to a peer-review archaeological journal and hopefully you will find about it very soon when it comes into print (he says optimistically).


2011 and 2012 Project Eliseg media guru: Joseph Tong

It makes sense that this is a good time to update the Project Eliseg website and add further information about the third and final field season in 2012. So the Project Eliseg website has now had a facelift for 2014, with new information added in the following areas:

  • Project Eliseg 2012 – an interim summary of the 2012 field season has been added here, this includes a link to a pdf of the 2012 interim report.
  • Further Reading – an updated ‘further reading’ section including three key new books by Nancy Edwards, Thomas Charles-Edwards and Sarah Semple here.
  • Acknowledgements – recognition and thanks has been duly given to those who helped with the 2012 field season here.
  • Details of the 2012 vlogs have been added with links to each one here.

We hope you enjoy these new additions as well as the ongoing posts about the Pillar of Eliseg and its environs.

In other news, here is a picture of me with the Pillar of Eliseg in a dragon-hat. Priceless moments caught on camera for posterity….

Me feeling a bit Welsh

Me feeling a bit Welsh